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Why use Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers?

Why use Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers?

Rogue round flash magnetic modifiers are compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making them the perfect tool for on-location shooting. This new range from ExpoImaging snaps directly onto popular flashes, including Godox, Geekoto, Westcott and Profoto A Series (with optional Rogue PF adapter), or if you prefer rectangular flashes, simply use the Rogue flash adapter. An essential for any gear bag, Rogue round magnetic modifiers are stackable, durable, and small, making it easy to stack several gels, grids or even dome diffusers to your flash!

This video shows you how to use the different components of the new Rogue round flash magnetic modifiers, highlighting how easy and quick it is to snap them on and off.



CEO of ExpoImaging Erik Sowder says:

“We designed our new Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers to attach directly to Godox, Geekoto and Westcott round flashes, so the user doesn’t have to purchase an extra attachment mount for every flash. In addition to keeping cost down for photographers, this design helps keep our system compact and light.”


The new Rogue round flash magnetic modifier can attach directly to several round flashes, such as the Godox V1, Godox R100, Geekoto GTR, Westcott FJ80 flashes and many more.


Attaching to rectangular speedlights:

Using round flashes with older speedlights? No problem! Just fit the Rogue flash adapter to your rectangular flash to correspond with the new Rogue round flash modifiers. Why was this adapter created? Erik explains: “We created the Rogue flash adapter to enable the use of our flash modifiers with rectangular flashes. To quickly and easily attach the same modifiers to all flashes, making it easier when using a wide range of speedlights with round flashes”. This adapter is available in sizes standard and small to fit several flash devices such as the Godox TT350 and Nikon SB910.

Lightweight, compact and durable: 

All photographers want their speedlight modifiers to be lightweight, durable and easy to use. The new Rogue round flash magnetic modifiers can be stacked as desired with the magnetic design and are lightweight at only 25 grams. The magnetic pieces within this product have been created from impact-resistant materials for durability and protection. Each flash modifier has six neodymium magnets installed within the product to prevent any movement or escape. These magnets are rare and have a powerful attachment force making sure each component stays in place when the flash is attached. You can say goodbye to bulky and heavy light modifiers! 


Rogue Flash Grid 45:

This flash modifier is perfect for portrait or product photography, as it effortlessly controls the light. The grid can be stacked, helping photographers choose how small or large they want their light spots.

1 grid = 45-degree spot

2 grids = 25-degree spot

3 grids = 16-degree spot


Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome:


The Rogue flash diffuser dome is perfect for wedding and portrait photography, evenly and lightly diffusing light from the flash. The silicone dome is highly durable and collapses to make it more compact for storage.



See how the new Rogue round flash magnetic modifiers can change the way you shoot.
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