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Well, at Color Confidence we’re here to help! We’ve got a team of experts ready and waiting to assist you with all of your support and purchasing needs. If you have a pre-sales query, please click here or for technical support if you’ve already purchased a product, then please submit your request here .

We always aim to respond and resolve your requests as quickly as possible; please note the support team operate during our regular office hours of 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.


If you have an application problem please take a look at our Downloads section, which provides access to the latest software updates, often resolving any issues. For further information on all things colour management, take a look at our Learning Centre for jargon busting, technical and educational content and top tips.

Pre-sales information and advice

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For Pre-sales enquiries, or to request a formal quotation, you can contact us in any of the following ways:


Tel  +44 (0)800 977 4167



Color Confidence, Spectrum Point, 164 Clapgate Lane, Birmingham, B32 3DE

After-sale Technical Support

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Please complete the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.


Downloads - software updates

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Installing the latest software or driver often solves application problems.


BenQ Version Date Apple Windows
Palette Master Element
(SW Monitors)
1.3.10 01/09/2020 Download Download
Palette Master
(for PG Series monitors)
1.3.5 04/09/2018 Download Download
Color Navigator 7.1.1 01/09/2020 Download Download
i1 Profiler
Please note : Original i1 Pro Devices are no longer supported by new versions of the i1 Profiler application.
3.2 04/08/2020 Download Download
i1 Studio 1.5.1 27/02/2020 Download Download
ColorChecker Passport Camera Calibration 2.2 24/09/2020 Download Download
i1 Studio Display 1.5.1 27/02/2020 Download Download
i1 Diagnostics 4.1.2 18/02/2016 Download Download
LUT Tester N/A 12/02/2005 N/A Download
XRD Device Drivers 3.0.12 - Mac
2.4.0 - PC
03/03/2020 Download Download
Discontinued Products        
Color Munki Display - For the most up-to-date software for this device. Please download the i1 Studio application (above) 1.1.5 - Mac
1.1.4- PC
04/12/2017 Download Download
ColorMunki Photo
For the most up-to-date software for this device, please download the i1 Studio application (above)
1.1.3 - Mac
1.1.2 - PC
02/11/2018 Download Download
ColorMunki Smile
For the most up-to-date software for this device, please download the i1 Studio application (above)
1.0.3 - Mac
1.0.2- PC
02/11/2018 Download Download