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Tips for keeping your shoots organised!

Tips for keeping your shoots organised!

A drawback of modern digital photography, especially when working in the studio, is the amount of technology required to complete the task. Do you picture your workspace as a hive of tangled cables? Well, there are some simple solutions to mitigate potential equipment damage and declutter!

Most studios during a capture session are quite dark, so Tether Tools created their popular bright orange cable, visible even in low light, to help you navigate around a dark studio. This lets you concentrate on the job at hand rather than watching where you place your feet as you move around the studio.

However, the likelihood of damaging camera connections and computer ports is very high, especially with lots of people attending. It doesn’t stop with a cable! Tether Tools have created various products to protect you and your equipment while on a shoot and streamline your workflow in the process.

Cables together

Providing a safe environment for visitors is critical; when routing several cables, it is vital to keep them tidy to avoid accidents and coiling and to keep them secure and out of the way, not hanging off equipment. ProTab cable ties ensure safety by securing all cables from port to port in one line; they are also a better alternative than generic tape (I'm sure you're all familiar with the sticky excess it leaves behind). ProTabs ensures tangle-free connection with a guaranteed life span of 10,000 applications per tie, coming in packs of 10 to give you plenty for your studio project.

TetherGuard Cable Management

TetherGuard Extension lock and TetherGuard Cable support are security solutions that can protect your electronic devices. They are designed to safeguard your camera’s connection ports. The TetherGuard Extension lock offers an additional layer of security by locking your device’s power cord to an outlet, preventing unauthorised removal.

On the other hand, the TetherGuard Camera support ensures that your device’s charging cable stays securely in place, reducing the risk of snapping the camera connection. If the cable snaps and the motherboard is affected, the cost of repairing it could be as much as buying a new camera. These products are durable, reliable, and easy to install, making them an excellent choice for protecting your devices. With TetherGuard Extension lock and TetherGuard Cable support, you can say goodbye to the hassle of damaged camera ports and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electronic devices are secure.

The TetherGuard Cable Support Ties offer protection, relieving strain on your ports and cables and securing connection at both the computer and camera ports while ensuring a seamless file transfer.

Should you need to clamp a cable to a table or workstation, then the TetherGuard Tethering Support Kit will secure the cable to a flat surface. It features a unique magnetic breakaway system, which allows you to lock in the cable or magnetic breakaway with a 10lbs break strength. This Lock and Dock system is a premium way to ensure every cable stays connected, each port stays damage-free, and every image is transferred securely.

The TetherGuard Extension lock will protect the cable connection ensuring constant signal transmission. If you have excess cable, then the ProTab cable ties will allow tidying up unnecessary cable loops. An even more secure solution is to use a TetherBlock to secure the cable underneath your camera – these come in two versions, one with an ARCA connection and one without.

For some digital photographers, the standard 4.5M cables are just not long enough. Think big commercial shoots!

There are now 9M solutions for cable connection that retain constant data transfer and signal strength, and that come packaged in a carry case for ease of transport.

Once the TetherGuard is applied to your kit, it absorbs any strain on ports and keeps your gear safe from damage.                                                                                                                 

Secure it with a strap! 

Is your power bank always a ‘spare part’ in your setup? Rather than letting it dangle around waiting to be damaged, the Tether Tools StrapMoore provides an easy way to secure it.

The StrapMoore is exceptionally versatile, holding audio boxes, laptops, power bricks and much more in place with its adjustable straps and GripperElastic lining.


If you’re looking to manage your cables and keep your equipment secure from damage, have a look at our Tether Tools range and find out what best suits you, and if you have any queries or want to find out more about how to protect your equipment, feel free to get in touch.


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