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Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!
Power Your Gear on the Go with Tether Tools PD Batteries

Power Your Gear on the Go with Tether Tools PD Batteries

As technology continues to evolve, photographers, filmmakers and content creators are constantly seeking ways to power their equipment efficiently and reliably, especially when working on location or in dynamic environments. Traditional camera batteries often fall short in capacity and endurance, limiting creative possibilities and causing unnecessary interruptions. However, Tether Tools PD (Power Delivery) battery packs and tethering solutions empower you to charge your cameras, lighting systems, laptops, and more while on the move.

Tether Tools Battery Pack

Extended Power for Cameras

One of the primary benefits of PD battery packs is their remarkable capacity, offering over 10x the power of standard camera batteries. The Tether Tools Onsite USB-C 30W PD 9600 mAh Battery Pack and Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 150W PD 25,600 mAh Battery Packs are perfect examples of such reliable power sources. These compact and lightweight battery packs keep your camera running for extended periods, enabling you to capture every moment without worrying about battery life. Whether you're shooting an event, a wedding, or a wildlife expedition, these high-capacity PD battery packs provide the necessary power to keep you going. 

Powering Lighting Systems

Lighting is a crucial aspect of photography, and having a reliable power source for your lighting systems can greatly enhance your creative possibilities. Photographers can also use Tether Tools battery packs to power their lighting equipment, such as the Elinchrom ONE, Elinchrom FIVE and Stella Pro Reflex. Connecting these lighting systems to a PD battery pack means you can achieve uninterrupted lighting power for your shoots, even in remote locations or outdoors where power outlets aren't available. This setup provides the flexibility and freedom to experiment with lighting setups and capture stunning images.

Tether Tools Mobile Power

Seamless Laptop Power

Photographers and filmmakers often rely on laptops for editing and post-processing tasks while on the go in today's digital age. The Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 150W PD 25,600 mAh Battery Pack offers 150W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) to quickly charge your USB-C laptop to keep you working despite the heavy power demands of your gear. With this setup, you can edit your images or footage seamlessly, eliminating the worry of running out of battery power. 

Tethering Solutions for Constant Power: ONsite Relay A and ONsite Relay C

The Tether Tools ONsite Relay A Camera Power System provides a constant and reliable power source for tethered shooting, eliminating worries about battery life during extended sessions. With its hot-swapping capabilities, photographers can seamlessly switch between power sources without interrupting their workflow. On the other hand, the ONsite Relay C Camera Power System offers the convenience of a non-interrupted power supply for cameras, allowing photographers to focus on capturing their subjects without the need to constantly replace batteries. Both products provide photographers with peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on their creative vision, knowing that their equipment will remain powered and ready to capture stunning images.



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Powering your photography gear on the go is no longer a cause for anxiety or limitations. Thanks to PD battery packs and tethering solutions offered by Tether Tools, you can experience uninterrupted power for your cameras, lighting systems, and even laptops. These solutions provide flexibility and freedom, allowing you to explore new creative avenues, capture breathtaking images in any environment, and maintain a seamless workflow without worrying about outlet availability. Say goodbye to outlet anxiety and embrace the power of PD battery packs and tethering solutions for a truly mobile and empowered photography experience.

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