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Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!
Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!
Which graphics products do I need to work from home?

Which graphics products do I need to work from home?

Design studios and ad agencies around the world have shut their doors, meaning designers and creatives are now rapidly adjusting to the realities of working from home. Those whose creativity is the crux to their livelihood are trying to find ways to curb the anxious nerves, home office boredom and spark the artistic spirit.

If that's you and you're like us, you are always on the lookout for new ways to boost your creativity. But how do you keep your mind fresh with wonder and curiosity when you’re stuck at home and unable to travel to your favourite places for creative inspiration? Just because you can’t go to Paris for inspiration, doesn’t mean you can’t get lost in dreamy editorial photoshoots in your favourite magazines. Soak up the wow visuals, fancy cafes and decorum and then turn to Pantone guides for colour palette inspiration.

Portable, hand-held guides that are perfect for any design challenge, no matter where you are.

Now is a great time to look back, reflect and visualise what you want to create next.

Art or fashion magazines are great for inspiration and can help infuse something new and fresh in your designs, especially in terms of colour. Perhaps you spotted colours, shapes or patterns you’d like to explore on paper? Bridging the gap between solid, process and web colour reproduction, the Pantone Color Bridge is the most versatile tool for graphic and digital designers, and it’s the only tool you need to compare and select colours in spot vs. CMYK print. The HTML and RGB values equivalents are also given, for digital applications.

Designing for screens, digital or printing spot and process colours?

Color Bridge
  • The most colour options, with RGB, CMYK and Hex values for Pantone Spot Colours
  • Compare and select colours in spot vs. CMYK print

Printing with spot (solid) coloUrs?

FOrmula guide
  • Bold, vivid colours when colour accuracy is very important
  • Formula Guide includes colour formulations so printers can accurately reproduce your chosen colour

Pantone is the universal language of colour

That feeling when you’re on a video call and your client asks for “more blue, but just not too blue”. How do you make sure you’re both on the same page when you can’t meet your clients face-to-face? Use the Formula Guide to take the guesswork out of colour – it’s chromatically organised so you can compare all the blues at once. If you choose a Pantone colour together with your client, you will know you’ll be seeing eye to eye, and so will everyone else you depend on to reproduce that same colour.

It’s more important than ever to stay design fit. Actively find a way to use your talent and experiment with different colours and tones.

Metallic colours like the ones found in the Pantone Metallics guide can add that pop and sophistication to your designs. For designs that stand out, get inspired by the colours found in the Pantone Pastels & Neons Guide.

want to add some heat to your prints, or cool things down?

Pastels & Neons and Metallics
  • Attention-grabbing colours that add pop and sophistication
  • Perfect for packaging design that stands out


  • View colour swatches and prints in standardised lighting conditions, day or night
  • Compact, space-saving, LED lamp, ideal for desktop colour selection, assessment and matching

Lastly, if you’re all geared up for working from home and want to accurately view your colour swatches, samples or prints, consider getting a GrafiLite-2

A GrafiLite-2 will allow you to view colour swatches and prints in standardised lighting conditions, day or night. This compact, LED lamp is ideal for desktop colour selection, assessment and matching. Also great if you’re having to work at night. When your source of natural light is gone, the GrafiLite-2 provides simulated daylight, meaning you can benefit from daylight accuracy conditions at any time.

Looking for a comprehensive and convenient solution for graphics and print?

  • Includes Formula Guide set, Color Bridge Guide (Coated & Uncoated), CMYK (Coated & Uncoated), Metallics, and Pastels & Neons
  • 5,894 total spot, specialty spot, and four-colour process colours together for a value price

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