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Pantone Essentials Guides Set

Access six of Pantone's top-selling graphics tools in one compact, portable carrying case. Now compiled into the Essentials Guide Set, the Pantone Formula Guide, Color Bridge Guide Set and CMYK Guide are available in one affordable starter kit. Easily browse, share, compare and reference 7,617 market-driven spot, spot-to-process and process colours, including 224 brand-new graphics colours. Ideal for professional designers to design students to find colour inspiration; communicate colour; verify colour accuracy; and translate spot colours to CMYK, HTML, or RGB. A protective, streamlined carrying case enables better collaboration with convenient, organised storage and easy access to six portable fan decks. This on-the-go colour reference is ideal for school, studio, stakeholder meetings, press checks and more.

Key Features

  • Includes 224 new, on-trend, market-relevant graphics colours
  • Complete collection of all 2,390 traditional spot colours, 2,359 spot-to-process colours and an additional 2,868 four-colour process colours in the CMYK Guides
  • Each colour is displayed with its coordinating number and ink formulation or values
  • Six portable, handheld fan decks in a convenient carry case, including the Pantone Formula Guide, Pantone Color Bridge Guide Set and Pantone CMYK Guide
  • The lighting indicator page demonstrates when lighting conditions are suitable, allowing for proper colour evaluation
  • Use throughout the design process, from inspiration to press check, for print materials, branding and logos, packaging, digital design and animation
  • Ideal for comparing spot-to-process colour when CMYK printing is required
  • For digital design, Color Bridge is the only Pantone Guide that offers CMYK, HTML and RGB values for Pantone Spot Colors
  • The index at the back of each guide provides a numeric location for each colour
  • Guides printed to match CRPC6 and CRPC3 press references for coated and uncoated paper stock
  • Uses new eco-friendly ink formulations that are suitable for coating during print production to help printers accurately achieve Pantone Spot Colors on printed materials


Vendor: Pantone

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