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What is a Flash Trigger?

What is a Flash Trigger?

A flash trigger is a small piece of equipment that enables you to trigger an external flashgun during your shoot. It allows you to use multiple strobes to fire at the same time, lighting your subject from different angles, giving you the freedom to place strobes around corners or out of sight for complete control of your shoot. 

Whilst wired flash triggers are available, they can add limitations to your creativity and workflow, so we would always recommend opting for a wireless flash trigger. PocketWizard is a great choice as they operate using a unique radio frequency, making them more reliable than triggers that use a 2.4Ghz wireless signal, and they offer a greater range of use too. For a wireless connection, you will need a transmitter that slots into the hot shoe of your camera as well as a receiver unit attached to your flashgun. With this, you can set up multiple flashguns that will trigger automatically as you shoot. All PocketWizard units are transceivers, meaning that they will auto-sense whether they are a transmitter or receiver.

Why PocketWizard?

First and foremost, PocketWizard are industry experts, having been in business for over 30 years, and designed by photographers themselves. Whilst they have kept up to date with new technologies, one thing that has remained consistent is the quality of the products. They are designed to last, meaning there's less chance that you'll need to replace them as often unlike other alternatives on the market. Encased within a highly durable casing, they can go with you wherever your photography takes you. However, if something were to happen to your device, they are easy to repair and are protected by a 2-year warranty – so you won’t have to spend money replacing them.

Another key thing that makes PocketWizard different is the fact that their triggers work off of a unique radio frequency. Other triggers may be more susceptible to interference, which can cost you the perfect shot, yet PocketWizard allows you to use a unique frequency that cannot be interfered with. This is crucial for anyone photographing at weddings or events where radio frequencies may be more susceptible to interference. Whilst events can’t take place at the moment, flash triggers can also be incredibly useful to help keep your photoshoots socially distanced. In addition to this, PocketWizard offers users full TTL control to ensure you capture that magic moment, as well as a far greater range in which you can situate your flashguns; allowing up to 5 miles in long range mode and 950M in standard mode.

PocketWizard Starter Kits

To get you started, take advantage of our PocketWizard Starter Kits for Canon or Nikon – with everything you need to make full use of off-camera TTL flash. This is the ideal kit for anyone looking to work with one remote flash, so it’s perfect for absolute beginners. Place the TTL or manual flashes anywhere to brighten settings and take full control of your shoot. Every kit comes with an AC3 ZoneController, which gives you even more control as it allows you to independently set the power output of up to three remote groups of lights. Within each of these groups, you can have as many flashguns as you want, giving you plenty of flexibility for whatever photography you’re doing.

Our PocketWizard Starter Kits come with a Flex Transceiver, MiniTT1 Transmitter and a carry case for easy storage and transportation. Find out more about our Starter kits here.

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