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NCS grows from 1950 to 2050 Standard colours!

NCS grows from 1950 to 2050 Standard colours!

Calling all designers! NCS has just added 100 new colours to the NCS Colour System. For the last 40 years, NCS has revolutionised how to communicate colour and support designers in their creative work. With the addition of 100 new colours and updates to their most popular tools, find out how NCS tools continue to support and inspire colour professionals today.

100 New Colours to the NCS Colour System

NCS goes from 1950 to 2050 with the addition of 100 low chromatic colours. These colours are extremely important in design and architecture as it is often difficult to distinguish between one colour and the other. However, slight differences in nuance or hue can have a huge impact when the colour is applied. These additional colours offer a denser range in the low chromatic area of the colour space, providing more options and greater control when using low chromatic colours.

These new colours come as a joint effort between NCS Colour and the global community of colour professionals to improve the NCS system. The new colours are low chromatic nuances focusing on hues between Yellow and Red, with two completely new nuances: NCS S 0601 and NCS S 1001, often referred to as off-white.

“We have added colours both in order to complete the NCS colour range and to be able to offer an extended colour precision, where it is needed.”
- Fredrik Lundgren, Product Design Manager NCS Colour

New Designs and Sustainable Updates

Not only have NCS added 100 new colours to the NCS Colour System, but they have also updated some of their most popular tools, including the Index, Album, Atlas, and Block. These tools have been redesigned to improve usability, durability, and environmental sustainability. There is a reduction of plastic used both in the product and the packaging and materials have been as well as upgrading materials used to increase the lifespan of the product itself.



Waste is a huge concern within the paint and coatings industry, usually with the colour results not turning out the way the customer or designer intended. Communication and speaking in the same colour language are key. Using the NCS Colour System, you can communicate in the same language from conception to production, saving time, frustration, and waste along the way. NCS combat this by offering better tools for design and previewing colour before making the purchase decision. They strive to make products more useful and help users find the right colour the first time around.

The NCS Index is improved with a new arrangement to make colour selection faster and more intuitive. The NCS Atlas and Album feature a new white guide page making it easier to compare white colours of different hues. The NCS Block comes in two options: a block arranged by hue, or a block arranged by nuance, both blocks containing nine small fan decks.

Discover the new NCS tools here, and as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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