NCS Block 2050 (Hue or Nuance)

by NCS
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NCS Block 2050 (Hue or Nuance)

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NCS Block 2050 is a visual referencing tool for working with colour combinations, ideal for stores, showrooms, studios, and other shared spaces.

Choose between two different options of colours arranged either by hue or nuance. Block arranged by hue is ideal if you tend to work with one colour but different nuances, which works well for identifying the exact colour of an object or building. It contains a total of 9 small fan decks: one for Red, one for Red-Blue, one for Blue and so on.

Block arranged by nuance, is great for projects where you need to combine colours with balanced nuances or to compare and contrast colours. This block also contains 9 small fan decks: one with 10% chromaticness, one for 20% and so on.

Both blocks include the WS Block with 149 neutral and tinted colours sorted by nuance, including the NCS Standard Colours with Chromaticness = 00, 01, 02, 03, 04.

Key Features

  • Featuring a total of 2050 colours arranged in 9 smaller fan decks in each Block
  • Easy to handle with colour samples sized for good colour judgment
  • Perfect for colour combinations and for identifying colours on different materials and surfaces
  • Small fan decks designed for comfort and ease
  • Fanned out for efficient colour specification and choice
  • Perfect for edge-to-edge comparison
  • NCS Notation printed on back of each colour sample
  • Sample size 35x104mm
  • Language: English


NCS Block 2050 - Hue & Nuance from NCS Colour on Vimeo.

Languages : English
Quality: NCS Quality Level 1 according to SS019100. Quality reports are available at
Target Gloss: 17,5 GU in 60° angle
Gloss Tolerance: 95% of colours within 13-22 GU 60° angle
Quality Control: NCS Edition 2 Quality Management in compliance with ISO 9001 certificate
Sample Size: 35 x 104 mm
Paper: 200 gms
Sample Box: Samples are placed in a black box to prevent daylight damage
Product Size: 76 mm x 125 mm x 345 mm (H x W x L)
Weight: 2 kg