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Perfect Your Workflow with Tether Tools

Perfect Your Workflow with Tether Tools

Looking to upgrade your photography workflow and take the next professional step in the studio? Tethering helps you get the perfect photo in fewer shots. With a tethered workflow, you can instantly view your images as they're saved directly onto your computer’s hard drive and simultaneously displayed on a larger field monitor or tablet screen, allowing you to see them clearly as captured. Instantly viewing images on a larger screen lets you and your clients effectively spot focus, lighting, posing or composition issues there and then. You’ll spend less time editing, and your clients can say what they're looking for the moment you’ve captured the shot.

Tether Tools has a range of tethering gear to support you at every step of your workflow. From capturing the initial shot to viewing and editing your image on your monitor, and all the steps in between.



During your shoot, the key ingredient to a smooth workflow is to view your shots as you take them, helping you to get the perfect photo in fewer takes. And to do this, you’ll need a tethering cable. Tether Tools offers a range of tethering cables to suit all types of USB ports, from USB-C to HMDI, and various lengths and combinations up to 9.2m, to suit every type of shoot and every need.



Now you’ve got your cable, you should ensure that they and the rest of your gear are protected during any photoshoot. When tethering from your camera to your device, accidents happen, but TetherBlock and TetherGuard Camera Support protect your camera ports, meaning you won’t end up spending thousands replacing expensive equipment. 



Working with a team can sometimes prove tricky without a collaborative setup. Tethering to a display allows the whole team to see your images as you take them. With Tether Tools, you can design the optimum workstation for your shooting needs, making collaboration with your team and clients a breeze.



Keep your gear powered and ready in any shooting environment. The perfect workflow won’t get interrupted by a low battery when you have the right tools to see you through your entire shoot.



Smart Shooter software allows you to fully control your camera from your Mac or PC, giving you the freedom to explore and experiment to help make the perfect picture.

Automatic download and display mean you can fully evaluate your photos in seconds, and real-time live view output will help you focus and compose the scene.


Upgrade with Tether Tools and get started with your tethered workflow today! 

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