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Get Back to Creating Content!

Get Back to Creating Content!

When is a creative not a creative? When they are being a marketing or business manager, or a technical expert.

Let’s face it we all have enough things to do that are taking us away from being creative. Don’t let colour management be one of them.

If you are not calibrating your monitor regularly, how do you know if its correct? With Eizo’s Award winning ColorEdge CG range you don’t have to even be there! Color Navigator software will happily look after your monitors colours all by itself with its built-in sensor that will automatically pop down, read your brightness and colour levels and correct them.

What could be simpler?


EIZO Monitors are built in Japan at EIZO's factory headquarters with high-precision equipment, calibrated, tested and adjusted for accurate colour and uniformity. What you might not know is that all monitors will drift overtime. It doesn’t matter what the brand is. These small minor differences can really impact your editing and printing over time (regardless of if you do it internally or externally). Worse still, you won’t necessarily notice these subtle changes as they will happen bit by bit and your eyes will adjust for them.

But with the Eizo ColorEdge CG range you can get back to creating content and don’t need to worry. You don’t even need to remember to do it! Just set it and forget it. With a 5 year warranty your monitor will provide trouble free, colour accurate images for years to come.


Now if there was only an automate managing your photography or videography business and marketing needs!

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