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Discover the ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filter

Discover the ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filter

One tool that’s always in our gear bag but that we don’t talk a lot about is the handy ExpoDisc by Rogue (ExpoImaging). So, we’d like to shed some light on why this small piece of equipment deserves its place in your camera bag.

 What is an ExpoDisc used for?

The first thing you need to know is that the ExpoDisc is used to set manual white balance and exposure, much like a grey card or ColorChecker. It looks like a regular filter but has a fluorescent light diffuser on one side.

How do you use an ExpoDisc?

Unlike a grey card or ColorChecker where you would have to take an image before getting started, you don’t need to photograph the ExpoDisc. Instead, you simply attach the ExpoDisc to your lens and capture a custom white balance image in-camera.  Then you’re ready to start shooting, just aim your camera and go.  This is one of the key advantages of using the ExpoDisc, as it allows you to compensate for light coming from all angles because it measures the ambient light. 

How do I attach the ExpoDisc to my Camera?

The ExpoDisc comes in 77mm and 82mm sizes, and unlike any other filter, you don't have to screw the ExpoDisc on or off. It is designed to press-fit inside the filter threads of your camera or just cover the front of the lens. It's quick and easy to pop on and off, and it’s much more durable and hardwearing than regular filters, so you can just throw it in your gear bag or carry it in your pocket. It’s well constructed, so even if it gets a little bit scratched or dirty, it will still work perfectly.

Will the ExpoDisc work with my camera?

The ExpoDisc can be used with any digital camera with a custom white balance capability, including all digital SLRs and most point and shoot cameras. The ExpoDisc is compatible with all major camera brands, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax, Olympus, Samsung, Lumix, and Leica. 


Which white balance is best?

There are different schools of thought in the world of photography in terms of what approach is best. Some people prefer to shoot in Auto White Balance mode, some fix it later in post-prod, whilst others prefer using a grey card. Our approach is simple: use the right tools, so you can spend more time doing the things you like.

Using the ExpoDisc cuts out hours of tedious editing trying to achieve the perfect white balance, even in mixed lighting conditions. You will get consistent, accurate results, time and time again, and your photoshoots will become more streamlined.


Shop the ExpoDisc here, and feel free to get in touch for any help or advice!

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