Just Normlicht LED Color proofStation

by Just
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Just Normlicht LED Color proofStation

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The Just Normlicht LED Color proofStation is a floor-standing viewing booth available in a range of sizes to accommodate 0B, 3B, 6B and 7B format. Switch between D50 and D65 ISO viewing standards and UV content can be controlled to accommodate FOGRA39 and FOGRA51/52 compliance.

See: About Just Normlicht LED D50/D65 Illumination

Standard base cabinet configuration (13) for 0B and 3B size comprises; 1 open shelf, 1 drawer and double door storage cabinet. For 6B and 7B size, the base cabinet includes a drawer and double door cabinet (no open shelf). Other storage configurations available include plan-chest format.

NOTE: The base cabinets are delivered ready assembled and require a minimum door-width of 90cm clearance, through to your intended location (they cannot be unassembled). Alternatively, a self-assembly version of the base cabinet is available (surcharge applies).

Optional sidewalls are available (and recommended) for the 0B and 3B sizes, see #201475, 201482, but are not available for 6B and 7B sizes.

Key Features

  • Perfect for regular colour checking in printing companies
  • Floor standing viewing booth available in a range of sizes
  • Switchable light: D50 and D65 according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668
  • Dimming and USB connection for soft proofing applications
  • 20x longer operating life compared to fluorescent lamps (> 50.000 h)
  • No colour shifts while dimming
  • Unmatched light distribution uniformity

LED Color proofStation 0B (13)

Illumination Area (W x H): 70 x 50cm

External dimensions (W x H x D): 128 x 230 x 122cm

LED Color proofStation 3B (13)

Illumination Area (W x H): 100 x 70cm

External dimensions (W x H x D): 148 x 230 x 142cm

LED Color proofStation 6B (13)

Illumination Area (W x H): 140 x 100cm

External dimensions (W x D): 159 x 127cm

LED Color proofStation 7B (13)

Illumination Area (W x H): 160 x 120cm

External dimensions (W x D): 180 x 143cm