Just Normlicht LED Challenge 5000 3B Upgrade

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Users of the previous model Challenge 5000 3B can replace the older technology fluorescent tube lamp units with the LED Challenge 5000 3B UPGRADE. Comprising of a new moduLight LED lamp unit and required fixings to completely replace the older lamp units.

Switch between D50 and D65 ISO viewing standards and UV content can be controlled to accommodate FOGRA39 and FOGRA51/52 compliance.

See: About Just Normlicht LED D50/D65 Illumination

Key Features

  • Replacement lamp units for the Challenge 5000 3B
  • Switchable light: D50 and D65 according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668
  • Dimming and USB connection for soft proofing applications
  • 20x longer operating life compared to fluorescent lamps (> 50.000 h)
  • No colour shifts while dimming
  • Unmatched light distribution uniformity

LED Challenge 5000 3B UPGRADE

Can be fitted to any Challenge 5000 3B, built in 2010 or later