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Off-Camera Lighting with Frio

Off-Camera Lighting with Frio

Frio accessories are designed with professional and semi-professional creators in mind. They are incredibly versatile and easy to use, meeting the demands of photographers, videographers and other creative professionals whether on the go, shooting events, or working with small spaces.

Essentially, Frio solutions allow you to connect anything with a cold or hot shoe, no matter how tight or obscure the space is. They are built with packing and portability in mind, meaning they’re lightweight, easy to set up and quick to take down.

To give you a taste of how Frio can help with different shoots, we’ve put together three scenarios where Frio solutions can come to the rescue!


Working weddings and events often means going to unfamiliar locations and venues. Not only that, but you need to be able to set up quickly to make sure you don’t miss important moments. When arriving on location, you need to quickly assess the area and decide on how you are going to light it, and there’s nothing worse as a photographer than walking into a reception hall not being sure if you can capture the moment the way you envisioned.

During a wedding or event, you can set up off-camera lighting with the Frio Grasp Mini on any round or flat surface. What’s great is that you can quickly and easily move this around throughout the day when moving from different rooms, such as from the ceremony room to the dancefloor.

It’s also common to capture a bride or groom getting ready before they say ‘I do’, yet some venues offer photographers a real challenge if the room your client is getting ready in is on the smaller side. The Frio Cling is a real hero in these situations as you can easily attach off-camera lighting to a mirror, making it as easy as ever to get that all-important shot.

Concerts and Events

Not only does Frio offer you versatility in how you can set up lighting, but every Frio product is quick and simple to use, saving you time on the day. Even when you do have more time to assess the situation and set up light stands, you usually find that in a lot of venues, they can create trip hazards and add clutter to a nicely decorated venue.

In some cases, you don’t get much say over your subject as a photographer, such as shooting a concert or during sporting events. In these situations, a flexible lighting setup like the Frio Grasp Bigi turns anything into a cold shoe lighting stand. You can keep up with the live-action by moving your off-camera flash to any door, table, door handle or stage to get crucial action shots. Don’t forget that Frio allows you to connect anything that has a cold or hot shoe. Perfect for if you want to record or live-stream footage from concerts and events!

Night Photography

Shooting at night can be a real challenge when it comes to lighting, especially when you’re looking to shoot more than just static scenes. If you need to capture a model in the foreground, or perhaps want to shoot moving scenes in the dark, you will need additional lighting sources to achieve crisp, professional results.

Use a cold shoe lighting setup like the Frio Arch, which has a rotating 360-degree base to keep things versatile wherever your shoot takes you. The benefit of having a cold shoe setup like this is that you don’t need to have the flash attached to your camera, allowing you full creativity over your shoot. Experiment with your lighting setup and shoot from angles that wouldn’t work with a hot shoe setup. All you need to do is mount your Speedlight to the Frio Arch and place it on an existing light stand, tripod, or monopod, adjusting as needed to illuminate your subject!

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many ways Frio can help photographers and creators get the most from their shoots. Browse the entire Frio range here, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need any support!

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