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Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!
Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!
Must-Have Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers

Must-Have Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers

The hectic festive period is almost upon us… so this year why not be the smug one and get all of your shopping done before everyone else? You can then be the one who brags about having purchased all of your gifts even before you’ve thought about resurrecting the Christmas tree (easier said than done though)!  

To help you on your way to ultimate Christmas preparation glory, we’ve rounded up the top gifts your camera-obsessed loved ones would appreciate under their Christmas tree this year (or if you’re feeling particularly generous, why not even treat yourself?).

ExpoImaging 32in 2-in-1 Reflector- Super Soft Silver/Natural White, £29.95

ExpoImaging 32in 2-in-1 Reflector - Super Soft Silver / Natural White

 Photography is certainly not a cheap hobby but believe it or not there is plenty of kit you can buy that will achieve fantastic results without breaking the bank. With the ExpoImaging 32in Super Soft Silver Reflector, you can create softer fill light and avoid hot spots in your fill light on location, providing a subtler reflected light.

Adobe Creative Cloud subscription with selected X-Rite products

i1Studio including Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

 Bringing together the world’s leading photo editing tools with the most advanced colour management solutions, X-Rite has partnered with Adobe to offer a complimentary 1-year membership to Adobe Creative Photography plan before 31st December. So, if the photographers in your life love to shoot and edit, then this is the no-brainer gift for them! 

BenQ SW240 Pro 24in IPS LCD Monitor £399

BenQ SW240 IPS LCD Monitor

If you’re looking to splurge a little bit this Christmas, then a colour accurate monitor is the way to go. When reviewing the SW240, Photography Blog said, “You could easily be forgiven for thinking that BenQ SW240 is more expensive than it is, putting in an excellent performance from the box.”  

 PChOOD Monitor Hood Pro £71.44

PChOOD Monitor Hood Pro

Sometimes even the UK has the occasional glimpses of sunshine; the PChOOD Monitor Hood - Pro is the ideal way to shield light and glare from your display, providing an accurate and optimised working environment for photo editing. 

ExpoImaging ExpoDisc 2.0- 77mm/ 82mm £44.99

ExpoImaging ExpoDisc 2.0

A small device that delivers big results, the ExpoDisc is the perfect stocking filler for photographers looking to achieve a custom white balance in a matter of seconds, no matter where they are! Check out what photographer Rick Nunn thought of the device here.

FlatHat 16 and 32-inch Collapsible Drone Pad £17.95-£32.51

FlatHat 16 and 32-inch Collapsible Drone Pad

For those looking to take their photography to new heights (pun totally intended), the FlatHat Collapsible Drone Pads are a perfect choice! Designed with a bold pattern, the pads provide a high-visibility landing target for even the smallest drones, (hopefully) improving landing skills and more importantly protecting the drone’s sensor and camera from rotor wash debris.

Rogue FlashBender 2 Portable Lighting Kit £164.95

Rogue FlashBender 2 Portable Lighting Kit

Awarded ‘Best on Test’ in Digital Camera World’s group test, the Portable Lighting Kit includes a range of flash modifiers and colourful gels that are perfect for location photographers looking to create stunning images on-the-go.

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo £90

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo

A must-have for any serious photographer, the ColorChecker Passport Photo offers a stand-alone camera DNG profiling and RAW workflow solution for use within Adobe applications, providing effortless colour control and creative versatility.

Color Confidence Total Balance £20.34

Color Confidence Total Balance

Offering all of the benefits of a grey card in a convenient foldaway package, the Color Confidence Total Balance is ideal for photographers on location. This versatile solution provides an 18% grey neutral background for light meter readings, ensuring consistent and accurate balanced image capture in all lighting conditions.

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