Tether Tools TetherArca Cable Spacer for L-Bracket

As a photographer, keeping your camera’s data port secure and safe is of the utmost importance as it is a critical component of your tethered workflow. Protect your cables and your camera data ports with the TetherArca Cable Spacer, which is designed specifically to attach to your camera’s L-Bracket and Arca Mount by giving your camera an extra 1.25” of clearance space in a vertical orientation. The TetherArca Cable Spacer gives you the added security you need to attach up to five different cables with different diameters.

Key Features

  • Adds 1.25" (32mm) clearance when using Arca L-Bracket Plate
  • Accommodates a variety of cable diameters to secure multiple cables at a time
  • Secure and adjust by hand; no special tools required
  • Cable locking cable bar
  • Lightweight, low profile design
  • Aluminium construction in non-reflective black
  • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty Included