Tether Tools TetherPro HDMI Micro to HDMI 2.0

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TetherPro HDMI Mini to HDMI 2.0

TetherPro HDMI 2.0 cables offer 4K technology, 18 Gbps throughput and deliver 60 frames per second. Available in a variety of sizes and HDMI end types, the TetherPro HDMI Mini to HDMI 2.0 is manufactured to the highest HDMI specifications supporting the high-resolution transfer of 4k, UHD and eARC sources.

TetherPro HDMI cables efficiently connect digital devices, audio components, and video cameras to other devices, such as TVs, monitors and AV receivers, for streaming HD video, LiveView, audio or photography. Easily connect the cable to any HDMI TV, monitor or receiver for instant streaming, video conferencing or mirroring.

Key Features:

  • High-speed 18 Gbps data transfer rate
  • Available in lengths from 1′ (0.3m), 3′ (1m), 10′ (3m) and 15′ (4.6m)
  • 4k resolution support, UHD, eARC, HDMI 2.0
  • High visibility orange colour option in 15′