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StellaPro Reflex S Continuous/Flash Hybrid LED Light 5600K

The world of lighting has changed – enter the revolution!

The Stella Pro Reflex S Hybrid LED light is a revolutionary continuous and flash LED created for professionals shooting both stills and video. A world first, the Reflex is a powerful Continuous Strobe Hybrid (CSH) LED light, boasting an impressive 12,000 lumens in Digital Burst mode and lightning-quick flash durations for readiness.

The Reflex S features a blazingly “Digital Burst” mode, offering up to 20fps and an adjustable burst duration from 400 us to 5 ms. Lightweight, ultra-portable, with no misfires and no overheating, the Reflex S is ideal for any stills or video shoot.

The StellaPro Reflex S has a colour temperature of 5600K, high CRI/TLCI ratings of 92 and 93, outputs of up to 43,000 lux, and can be controlled via Elinchrom Skyport, Godox X1, and Profoto triggers.

"Reflex creates a beautiful romantic light on the subject. The light is extremely important for me to create video and art-inspired portraits. It's very portable and it weighs less than my camera"

- Fine Art Photographer and StellaPro Champion of Light, Leon Johnson

Key features:

  • Powerful hybrid LED: up to 6,000 lumens in Continuous Mode and 12,000 in Burst Mode
  • Enhanced power: up to 9,000 lumens in Continuous Mode and 18,000 in Burst Mode (with 100W power supply)
  • Versatile: perfect for various photography and videography applications
  • Adaptable: switch between continuous and digital burst lighting
  • Removable battery: up to 30 minutes continuous shooting at full power, over 600 minutes on low power
  • RF control: compatible with Godox, Profoto, and Elinchrom Skyport triggers
  • Ultra-portable and rugged: only 900g, 22.9 x 10 x 10cm, IP-65 water resistance, 1-meter impact resistant
  • Modifier and stand ready: works with a wide array of existing modifiers and light stands
  • Daylight balanced: native 5600k colour temperature
  • Flicker-free: high output Chip-on-Board (CoB) LeD. TLCI 93. CRI 92
  • iOS & Android: application available for product registration and firmware updates

Powerful continuous/strobe hybrid LED

Continuous mode makes the Reflex great for video and stills. Get up to 6,000 lumens of output with the included battery. For more power, Digital Burst provides twice as much light (12,000 lumens), with 10,000 full power flashes off a single battery charge.

Boost power by 50% with a 100W USB-C AC Power Supply (sold separately) for up to 9,000 lumens in continuous mode and 18,000 in burst mode.

High-efficiency optics

Quick change and high-efficiency optics make shooting with the Reflex simple. Use the included medium optic or add a Spot Optic (sold separately) for shooting in bright sun. Soften the light with the 36-degree Medium Wide Optic (sold separately) without the need for a bulky softbox.

Ultra-portable and rugged

Small, powerful, and easy to work with, the Reflex weighs just 0.91kg (2lbs), making it as portable as it is versatile. IP-65 water resistance and 1-meter impact resistance make Reflex the perfect partner in any condition.

Versatile radio control

Thanks to multi-trigger radio compatibility, mix your StellaPro Reflex with speedlights and monolights from Profoto, Godox, and Elinchrom.

Modifier ready with Elinchrom Q-Mount

The StellaPro Reflex works with a wide range of StellaPro modifiers and is natively compatible with Elinchrom Q-Mount accessories.

Flexible power options

StellaPro Reflex can be powered via the included battery handle for up to 30 minutes continuous at full power and over 600 minutes on low power. In strobe mode, shoot up to 15,000 full-power flashes. For long shoots, pack an extra StellaPro Reflex Quick Switch Battery (sold separately), or power via USB-C or D-Tap.

What’s included?

  • 1x StellaPro Reflex S LED Light
  • 1x StellaPro Reflex Quick Switch Battery
  • 1x StellaPro Medium Optic
  • 1x StellaPro Flat Port Cover
  • 1x Stella Pro USB-C Cable 0.1m
  • 1x Stella Pro USB-C Cable 0.6m

Find out more and see the latest Reflex review from Digital Camera World here.

Battery:38Whr, UN 38.3 certified
Charger:USB-c cable 0.1 meter & USB-c cable 0.6 meter
Includes:24 degree medium spot optic
Max Output using 100W power supply:Continuous: 9,000, Burst: 18,000
Max Output from included battery handle:Continuous: 6,000, Burst: 12,000
Runtime 1:Continuous: 30 min, Bust: 15,000 bursts
Beam Angle Native:120º
Charger Time:2 hrs
Size of light w/out mount LxWxH:9" x 3.93" x 3.93"
Kit Weight (grams):785 g
Impact Resistance (Meters):1m
Water Resistance - IP Rating:IP65

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