Spekular Light Blaster Creative Kit - Backdrops

£22.00 incl. VAT

Light Blaster Creative Kit - Backdrops

The Light Blaster Creative Kit Backdrops is a set of transparencies that can be projected with the Light Blaster to enhance your photographic lighting with unique effects. The Creative Effects Kit includes 21 transparencies that fit easily in the included slide cartridge. When inserted into the Light Blaster, the slides create a projection that can serve as a backdrop or special effect for your shot.

Magical forest? Futuristic city? Place your subjects anywhere in the universe with this amazing kit: Blue Planet, Green Field, Old Country House, Sunflowers, Modern Country House, Industrial city, Crazy Checkerboard, Earth, Fantasy Space, Orange Twirl, Magical Forest, Blue Portal, Grid, Round Portal, Haunted Lighthouse, Mechanical Wall, Si-fi City, Clouds, Golden Space, Moonrise, Battle Plane.

Key Features

  • 21 backdrop projection transparencies
  • Create gorgeous backdrops in small rooms
  • Create surreal worlds in seconds