The Colour Dictionary

The reference work for interior design, advertising, design and teaching, 360 adjectives and their translation into colour compositions

Envy is green, love is red… We all know the typical colour associations, but can a term really be expressed by one colour alone?

This volume adds a new dimension to the familiar rules of colour theory. Over 60 subjects produced mood boards for 360 adjectives for this purpose and then the author assigned them to their corresponding RAL DESIGN system colours.

42 expressive collages for selected concepts clarify the effects of the colours when they are used in practice.

The book that provides a unique, exciting overview of the fascinating world of colour.

- 360 adjectives expressed in colour compositions
- Displayed in RAL DESIGN system colours
- 864 pages, Approx. 20,000 figures
- Format: 24 x 26 cm, hardcover
- Bilingual: German/English
- Large poster

About the Author:
Professor Axel Venn is held in international esteem as a colour, trend and aesthetics consultant.
Within years of practice, he established the foundation for The Colour Dictionary, in which only RAL colours are used. Professor Venn is also the author of Colours of Health & Care, Colour Master and Colours for Hotels.