RAL Colour Master

The inspiring, interactive design book with endless possibilities for creative people.

On 328 pages, the book provides inspiration with different shapes and patterns for designers, architects, artists and other creative people. It is an experimenting tool, filled with endless design opportunities. COLOUR MASTER provides sensational colour and material images in front of graphical, scenic and art historical backgrounds.

At the same time it shows colours and shapes of the past and the future, such as newest wallpaper art collections from contemporary designers, historical ornaments and decors, colours from fashion, sports, electronics, technics, music, but also colours of health and care, fabrics, woods, stones and surface products from interior construction and from surface design also for the luxurious sector.

- 328 pages of colourfulness in shapes, patterns and pictures
- 12 colour templates
- encoded in RAL EFFECT colours
- Format: 32.6 x 29.6 cm, hardcover
- Bilingual: German/English
- Every single page of the book represents an individual experimenting field for endless
- Ral Effects E3 Fan Guide included

About the Author:
Professor Axel Venn is held in international esteem as a colour, trend and aesthetics consultant.
Within years of practice, he established the foundation for The Colour Dictionary, in which only RAL colours are used. Professor Venn is also the author of Colours of Health & Care, Colour Master and Colours for Hotels.