QP Card 101

QPcard 101 – easy and accurate grey balancing for photographers

Photographers can achieve accurate, consistent colour with the easy to use QPcard 101. This greyscale reference card features three spectrally neutral patches – neutral dark grey, mid grey (18%) and white – and is ideal for colour checking and adjustment within most photo editing packages (with the eyedropper tool in Photoshop, for example). As the QPcard 101 is self-adhesive, users can easily place it within a test image, regardless of the subject. The QPcard 101 is also suitable for exposure control, plus custom in-camera white balance setting.

Pack contains 3 cards.


  • Ideal for professional and high-end prosumer photographers, video cinematography and graphics arts professionals
  • Provides a precise uniform surface spectrally neutral (reflects equal amounts of red, blue and green) in all lighting conditions
  • Use in reference shots – correct an image’s colour by balancing on the mid tone grey value
  • Extremely fade resistant for extra accuracy
  • White square free from fluorescent whitening agents – ideal for custom white balancing
  • Makes setting studio main to fill light ratio quicker and easier
  • Cie L*a*b values 35*0*0 (dark grey), 48*0*0 (mid grey) and 95*0*0 (white)
  • Measures 14 x 4cm