Just Normlicht Daylight 6500 ProIndustry D65 Daylight Tubes

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Just Normlicht proIndustry D65 fluorescent lamps, developed specifically for JUST , comply with the latest ISO 3668 standard with a higher UV component. JUST daylight 6500 proIndustry lamps are optimally suited to the visual matching of a wide variety of materials in the manufacturing industry. They enable you to make reliable colour decisions, thanks to their high colour rendering indices, which come very close to natural daylight, and metamerism indices that are far below the maximum values demanded.

Key Features

  • Perfect for viewing plastics, paints, textiles, decors and coloured coatings of all kinds
  • Standard-compliant viewing to ISO 3668, ASTM D1729 and DIN 6173-2
  • Even more similar to daylight, thanks to a higher UV component
  • Colour temperature: 6500 Kelvin (CCT), D65 (CIE)
  • Low metamerism index in the visible range: < 1.0 (MIvis)
  • Low metamerism index in the UV range: < 1.5 (MIuv)
  • Very high colour rendering index Ra > 93
  • Exact colour coordinates (10°): x = 0.3138 / y = 0.3309 (± 0.005)
  • High luminous flux: 1250 lm
  • Reduced mercury content

Note: Relamping after required after 2,500 operating hours – for reliable colour matching (equivalent to annually, based on a 45-hour, 5-day week).

Available in the following sizes:

  • 18 watt / 590mm (T8, G13 fitting)
  • 36 watt / 1200mm (T8, G13 fitting)
  • 58 watt / 1500mm (T8, G13 fitting)