PANTONE Formula Scale PFS-3i

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PANTONE Formula Scale PFS-3i - Store over 30,000 custom ink formulas The PC 'programmable' PANTONE Formula Scale 3i opens up the world of ink mixing, with the ability to store an astounding 30,000 custom mixes.

Enjoy the convenience and accuracy of using a PANTONE Formula Scale for mixing any colour ink you have a formula for - no matter what it is or the ink system and bases used. The 3i scales are ideal for printers with exacting standards and a wide variety of colour printing requirements.

Most forms of existing databases can readily be converted to the required format, and once downloaded, they are stored in the scale memory, so the PC connection is no longer required - no need to take the PC into the ink room.

The PANTONE Formula Scale 3i also includes all other standard features of the Formula Scale 3+ model (see related products for details).

This is a CtO product – Terms and Conditions Apply