PANTONE Formula Scale 3 LC 1kg

PANTONE Formula Scale 3 LC 1kg - Simply the best way to mix colour For accurate mixes of up to 1kg of any PANTONE Solid Colour, ideal for smaller print houses and high street print shops.

The PANTONE Formula Scale 3 LC now comes pre-programmed with the PANTONE Goe System and the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM (including PANTONE Metallic & PANTONE Pastel colours). The PANTONE Formula Scale 3 LC enables you to quickly, accurately and easily formulate spot colours every time, meaning faster set up, less reworking and improved quality, with repeat jobs as precise as the original. By mixing spot colours on site, you will only need to stock base inks, removing special order and mixed ink costs.

Make just the quantity you need, when you need it, further reducing ink and wastage costs. Most users report a full investment payback in less than 18 months. Easy to use - the simple 3 step process takes care of all of the calculations and guides you through the formulation process, which means making an accurate spot colour takes only a few minutes.

The PANTONE Formula Scales were specially developed with printers in mind and are proven to survive the rigours of the press room, without routine maintenance.

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