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Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!
Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!

PANTONE Formula Scale PFS-3+ Calculate and store up to 100 ink formulas

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The PANTONE Formula Scale 3+ is pre-programmed with all formulas contained in the standard PANTONE Formula Guides (including metallics and fluorescents), the latest colours in both the PANTONE Metallic Formula Guide and PANTONE Pastel Formula Guide, together with the PANTONE Goe System. They are ideal scales for printers with a variety of colour printing requirements, and a reputation for quality results. With the option to store up to 100 of your own custom colours, you can mix a special colour for an important customer, save it in the scale memory, and instantly access the exact formula again when the customer returns.

Custom Formulas can be derived from editing known PANTONE Colours or entering new data, then named for easy reference. As some formulas are more critical than others (perhaps with a small amount of PANTONE Black, which needs to be added accurately for a good match), the PANTONE Formula Scale 3+ has a x10 'High Resolution' weighing mode. Should one or more of the components of your mix be very small, the Scale will prompt you to use this mode. It also allows you to make very small mixes when needed.

The PANTONE Formula Scale 3+ is also available as a 10kg capacity model for printers requiring larger ink quantities.

Vendor: Cherlyn

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