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Kodak Gray Card

Accurate exposure is at the heart of stunning photography and the Kodak Gray Card offers a standard, neutral test target that allows you to effectively minimise variables in correctly and consistently determining exposure.

The Kodak Gray Card is an invaluable, yet simple tool for standardising the results obtained with digital imaging, film and video photography, which results in optimal colour reproduction and a full tonal range in your final images.
  • Easy to use - Simply place the Kodak Gray Card in the same illumination as your main subject, angled slightly towards the main light source. An exposure reading is then taken off the 18% gray surface. A light metre reading taken off a subject of a known reflectance is especially important in critical applications such as copy work and close-up photography
  • Determining light ratios - For portraiture, take a reflected light metre reading off the card, rather than the subject for greater accuracy
  • For digital photography and video - Use the Kodak Gray Card’s 18% gray surface to determine exposure and as a test target to establish a neutral colour rendering with digitzl systems
  • For printing - Include the Kodak Gray Card in test shots of critical subjects, take on film or digital media to help you evaluate colour balance and density when printing
  • Calibrating exposure metres - The Kodak Gray Card is also useful in checking your light metres for consistency and in guarding against drift, which can occur with metering systems over time
Includes: One 8” x 10” (20 x 25cm) Gray Card with full instructions for use
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