Just Normlicht GL SPECTROLUX

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The GL SPECTROLUX is a spectral light meter with a fixed diffusor and on-screen display for light quality reporting.

Stores up to 20,000 measurements:

  • LUX – Illumination Intensity (lx and fcd)
  • SPD – Spectral Power Distribution from 340–780nm
  • CRI – Colour Rendering Index (CIE and IES TM30)
  • CCT – Correlated Colour Temperature (°K)
  • Colour Co-ordinates (CIE 1931 and CIE 1960)

For professional detailed lighting evaluation and advanced reporting features, GL Spectrosoft PRO, or GL Spectrosoft proGraphic is required.

Key Features

  • Spectral light meter with fixed diffusor for light quality reporting
  • USB for connectivity and charging (4-6 hours life per full charge)
  • Includes GL Sepctrosoft Connect licence