EIZO EV2495 24-inch LED FlexScan Monitor

by Eizo
£572.40 incl. VAT

EIZO EV2495 24-inch LED FlexScan Monitor

Stay efficient and access a multi-monitor workstation with the Eizo EV2495 24-inch LED FlexScan Monitor. With the USB-C Daisy Chain connection, you can easily pick up right where you left off, making it easier to move between workstations. Connect multiple monitors from a single video output and reliably charge laptops via the all-in-one cable solution. Video calls and file transfers won’t be disrupted, and you can access USB devices without a docking station.

The clean and bright workstation allows you to stay productive and is equipped with functions to help users concentrate by keeping your eyes comfortable. It has auto-brightness control with the ‘Auto EcoView’ sensor to detect any changes in ambient brightness, preventing eye fatigue. Using this in conjunction with the Paper Mode reduces blue light by 80% as this distributes long red wavelengths, cutting down on the amount of blue light to prevent eye strain when working and reading documents. The FlexScan EV2495 also uses a hybrid solution that regulates brightness for flicker-free viewing without compromising on colour stability.

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Key Features

  • 24-inch LED FlexScan Monitor
  • Streamlined connection with USB-C making it faster and easier to connect your laptop when moving between workstations or working away from the office
  • Efficient multi-screen setup supports daisy-chaining for easily connecting multiple monitors from a single video signal output
  • 70W power delivery reliably charges small desktop PCs or laptops
  • Stable network connection allows access to the network through the monitor, allowing you to conduct conference calls or data transfers reliably and at high speed
  • Reduces blue light by up to 80% to prevent eye fatigue and keep you working for longer
  • Aesthetically pleasing design