DCS Book CMYK Pro Professional

The DCS Book CMYK Professional is the perfect way to select, check and verify colour, for design and printing projects.

Clear and easy to use, The DCS Book CMYK Professional, comprises 256 colour charts with a total of 65,536 colour reference samples, printed and displayed according to FOGRA standards. This means you are able to locate any CMYK colour combination in seconds, through the incredibly simple crosscheck, colour scale system.

The DCS Book CMYK Professional can be used in two ways. As a simple manual colour selector, through comparison with physical examples or within a software application such as Adobe Photoshop against the ‘colour picker’ facility, which can be called up at any time.

The DCS Book CMYK Professional is printed on matte coated illustration paper as a high-quality ring binder, which is clear, easy to use and contains a comprehensive foreword on colour fundamentals and detailed instructions for use.

Color Confidence tip:
When verifying colours within software applications such as ‘Photoshop’ it is, of course, essential that the monitor has been accurately colour managed and calibrated to ensure consistency. To learn more view our range monitor calibration solutions.