DCS Book CMYK Mini Edition (C)

by dcs
£72.00 incl. VAT

This DCS Book CMYK Mini Uncoated, is a compact and versatile colour reference book, printed on uncoated paper, making it ideal for client visits.
The perfect way to select and verify colour, for design and printing projects on  ISO 12647-2 standard, certified pages, predicting accurate colour results for print output on uncoated paper.

Clear and easy to use, The DCS Book CMYK Mini Coated, consists of 144 colour charts with a total of 20,736 colour reference samples. This means you are able to locate any CMYK colour combination in seconds, through the incredibly simple crosscheck, colour scale system.

This DCS Book CMYK Mini Coated comes in a black 260 x 240mm sturdy protective ring-binder, perfect for the studio and offsite client work.

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