Color Master 3-Di Colour Viewing System

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Sleek, portable colour viewing system for using at DTP-workstations. The basic requirement for visual colour judgement of inkjet-proofs with 5000 Kelvin. Unique folding design incorporates a carry handle.
  • ISO compliant D50 standardised illumination (D65 available on request)
  • Dimmer switch - adjustable intensity for matching to a monitor and full strength for physical colour assessment
  • Even illumination
  • Totally glare and reflection-free
  • Special fluorescent tubes JUST daylight 5000 ProGraphic
  • Magnetic rear wall
  • Optional side walls
Cololr Master 3 DI features:
  • Illumination worksurface area (W x H) - 64 x 62 cm
  • External dimensions (W x H) - 75 x 69 cm
  • Tubes - 3 x 18 watt
  • Tube type - ProGraphic 5000 kelvin tubes (D50). 6500 kelvin tubes (D65) are available on request
Illumination Types Explained
  • D50 - The preferred primary daylight standard light source for viewing printed material.
  • D65 - A primary daylight source for product assessment and a secondary daylight source for viewing printed material.
Product code: 91645