VAT - EU Customers

It is possible for you to purchase from us without paying VAT, provided you meet certain conditions:

  • You are resident in a region of the UK that does not pay VAT (eg. Channel Islands);
  • You have special exemption (we need to see a copy of your exemption certificate);
  • Your company is in the EU (outside the UK) and has a valid VAT number;
  • If you are ordering from outside the UK and EU, you will not be charged VAT.

How to purchase VAT free from Color Confidence

If you are ordering from a region that does not pay VAT (ie Channel Islands or outside of the EU), when you specify your country in the shopping cart, VAT will NOT be added to your order total.

If you are inside the EU (but not in the UK), and have a valid EU VAT registration number, you may enter this during the check-out process. Your transaction will then be processed without a charge for VAT. Please note that we reserve the right to recharge VAT to you if the VAT number you have provided us with is incorrect or not registered to your business.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to call or email us.