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About JUST Normlicht LED D50/D65 Illumination


colour specifier Standardised compliant viewing conditions are crucial to visual colour assessment – this is achieved through a careful balance of several factors (not just a light bulb that says daylight). The temperature and CRI (spectral quality) of the light source is a key component as is the avoidance of unwanted reflections. Additionally, the intensity of the illumination and uniformity over the entire spectrally neutral viewing surface is crucial. Without all criteria being achieved it is not possible to make a valid visual colour assessment.

Thanks to market leader JUST Normlicht, the LED era of D50/D65 certified ISO standardised viewing lamp technology has arrived. Available as stand-alone luminaires in multiple sizes, or as part of a complete JUST Normlicht viewing cabinet. Also available as upgrade units for existing viewing cabinets.

The continuous high light quality of the LEDs exceeds compliance to ISO 3664:2009 and ISO 3668 viewing standards. The LED specification combined with Fresnel-type prismatic lens provides a harmonious, glare/reflection-free, full light spectrum – superior to what can be achieved from conventional fluorescent daylight lamps.

Configurations comply with archiving a uniform illumination intensity of 2,000 Lux for physical colour comparisons and the dimmer switch functionality in all models offers incremental dimming allowing for compliance to soft-proofing illumination standards of 500 lux and lower.

Features of JUST Normlicht LED include:

  • Unique LED light technology by JUST, Fogra certified to ISO 3664:2009, Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2
  • Switchable light: D50 and D65 according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668
  • UV content can be enabled or disabled for either illuminant regarding new and old ISO standard
  • Dimming and USB connection for soft proofing applications
  • No colour shifts while dimming
  • No preheating after turning on
  • Annual re-lamping not required
  • 20x longer operating life compared to fluorescent lamps (> 50.000 h)
  • Stable light output during the entire lifespan
  • Environmentally-friendly

JUST Normlicht LED Specification – D50/D65

  • 2000 lux illuminance according to ISO standard
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) Ra ≥ 95
  • Exact colour coordinates (10°):
    D50: x = 0.3478 / y = 0.3595 (≤ 0,002)
    D65: x = 0.3138 / y = 0.3309 (≤ 0,002)
  • Low metamerism index in the visible range: ≤ 0.8 (MIvis)
  • Low metamerism index in the UV range: ≤ 0.6 (MIuv)

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