Spekular Light Blaster Creative Kit - Pro 1 Gobo Kit

£76.99 incl. VAT

Light Blaster Creative Kit - Pro 1 Gobo Kit

The Light Blaster's Pro Gobo sets give exceptional control to your projections. Made from etched metal, the Gobos perform similarly to gobos used in stage lighting, casting crisp edges to backgrounds and subjects. You can also control the focus of Light Blasted projection with your lens to create out of focus and diffused effects.

Made from an exquisite piece of metal, the manufacturing process delivers razor-sharp edges, true blacks on the blocked areas and superb heat resistance. This 10-piece set includes Pro Gobos 1: Picket Fence, Geometric Circles, Stars, Sun, Cactus, Sphere, Cityscape, Matrix, Wave, Trees and more.

Key Features

  • Razor-sharp projections
  • Perfect geometric shapes
  • Casts super dark shadows