The RAL E3 EFFECT Fan Deck showcases a mix of 420 solid colours and 70 metallic colours from the RAL EFFECT E3 palette. A definitive resource for all kinds of designers, from interiors to architecture to industrial design. Each page presents a RAL EFFECT metallic swatch alongside 6 matching solid colours for easy colour matching and comparison, where each colour swatch can be identified by a unique 3-digit code and colour name. The deck comes within a protective embossed box, so it is easy to take with you to the office or on location.

Key Features

  • 490 RAL EFFECT colours on 70 pages
  • Metallic colours have a high-gloss finish, and solid colours have a semi-matt finish
  • Metallic colour swatches measure 3.8 x 5cm, and solid colour swatches measure 2 x 5cm
  • Complies with European EN and ISO standards
  • Packaged within a protective box

If you only need the metallic colours from this range then the RAL E4 is the product for you!