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Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!
Up to 25% off selected colour tools; browse our offers here!

PocketWizard ST4 Receiver for Elinchrom

Remotely control your Elinchrom RX flash heads

Adjust the flash directly from your camera by pairing with a MiniTT1 or FlexTT transceiver on your camera and an ST4 plugged into Elinchrom RX lights. You can now adjust the flash power setting directly from your camera.

With the optional AC3 ZoneController you can control three different zones of lights in 1/3 stop increments.

Achieve faster X-sync speed up to 1/8000 and full power flash* with HyperSync™ - use the extra speed to freeze action for high-speed sports, competitions and busy environments. You can now cut ambient light to use wide-open apertures and outdoor photography in bright sunlight. To compensate for changes made to the shutter speed, you can now automate HyperSyncTM on the transmitter and the receiving ControlTL radio.

Key Features

  • Control TLTM – gives full flexibility remote TTL flash
  • Power adjustment of Elinchrom RX lights when paired with Mini TT1 or Flex TT transceiver
  • Power Tracking mode
  • HyperSyncTM - faster X-Sync speeds with full power flash

To further refine HyperSyncTM and customise PowerTracking – please refer to the PocketWizard Utility.

*dependant on camera and flash model.