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Pantone Limited Edition SkinTone Guide

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A collection of 138 skin tones.

Introducing the revolutionary Pantone SkinTone Guide, carefully crafted through scientific measurements of thousands of real skin tones representing the diverse spectrum of human skin types. This one-of-a-kind library offers the closest physical representations of skin colours available, providing a broad visual reference where the accurate portrayal of skin colours is paramount.

From the realms of beauty, photography and fashion to product design, printing, packaging, and graphic design, the Pantone SkinTone Guide is an indispensable tool. Ensure precise colour matching and confidently create life-like representations, whether you're developing cosmetics, designing apparel, capturing photographs, or organising print and packaging projects. Medical professionals and researchers can also leverage the Pantone SkinTone Guide for accurate skin colour analysis in clinical applications.

This comprehensive guide empowers you to represent and celebrate the beauty of human skin across a collection of industries. Experience unparalleled accuracy and elevate your work with the Pantone SkinTone Guide. 

Key Features

  • A compact fan deck with large-sized swatches for easy colour evaluation and matching.
  • Each Pantone SkinTone number comprises a four-digit alphanumeric number. The first two positions reflect the hue or undertone of the skin. The second two positions represent the skin's tone or lightness and darkness.
  • Digital values are available in Pantone Connect.
  • Includes colour index.


  • 138 colours numbered from 1Y01 SP to 4R15 SP.
  • Identify each colourby a unique Pantone number representing both tone and undertone.
  • Colours developed to present the best colour match under D65 (Daylight 6500K) lighting.

Vendor: Pantone

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