NCS Colourpin PRO

by NCS
£199.50 incl. VAT

Turning inspiration into reality has never been easier. For professional painters, designers, and all colour professionals, the NCS Colourpin PRO allows you to read colour and find shades from any solid flat surface to the closest NCS match. The device connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can easily manage, store, and share the colours you capture with the NCS app.

The NCS colour notation can be used as a colour reference when purchasing paint, decorative materials, textile, or any physical product in industrial production. Using patented technology, Colourpin PRO provides the best NCS colour matching capabilities.


Key Features

  • Provides reliable colour references instead of using photos and images
  • Accurate colour matching to NCS, with 99% hit rate in seconds
  • Wireless pocket format
  • Create personal colour boards with references to NCS and colour translations for screens and print
  • Pairs with the free NCS+ app via Bluetooth
  • Measures 6.5 x 2.9cm


Download the free NCS+ software on the App Store or Google play.