Just Normlicht Color Viewing 5 Light - Professional

by Just
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Just Normlicht Color Viewing 5 Light – Professional

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The Color Viewing 5 Light Professional models offer a controlled environment for practical visual colour assessment. It is available in a comprehensive range of 5 sizes with a selection of accessories.

The flat base of these cabinets is ideal for placement of products and samples. Or for viewing flat print work, fabrics and smaller samples at an optimum angle consider one of the optional angled bases, such as the Progressive Angled Base 0–60 degree, see Color Viewing Light – Accessories.

Key Features
  • 5 illuminants: D65, D50, TL84, A, UV
  • User-friendly Electronic Control Panel
  • Digital hour meter for all illuminants
  • Mixed light function
  • Dimmable light of all illuminants (except A)
  • LAN connection
  • Web-based remote-control application for smartphones and Tablet-PCs
  • Reporting function
  • Recall brightness values
  • Recall user saved light sequences

Standard lamp configuration in all sizes:

  • D65 (Daylight), D50 (Daylight), TL84 (Store-light), Incandescent A (Home-light), UV (Other illuminants can also be supplied if specified at time of order)

Color Viewing 5 Light Professional Formats (W x H x D):

Small Format (JUST504)

  • External 70 x 51 x 43 cm
  • Internal 64 x 33 x 36 cm

Medium Format (JUST506)

  • External 81 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Internal 75 x 41 x 51 cm

Large Format (JUST508)

  • External 132 x 71 x 60 cm
  • Internal 125 x 53 x 54 cm

X-Large Format (JUST510)

  • External 162 x 94 x 60 cm
  • Internal 155 x 76 x 54 cm

XX-Large Format (JUST512)

  • External 128 x 111 x 100 cm
  • Internal 114 x 80 x 83 cm

230 volt UK/European power supply (110 volts available on request)

STAND OPTIONS for XX-Large Format Color Viewing 5 Light

Optional Trolley Stand provides an ideal viewing height along with casters for the convenience of portability. Outer dimensions; 121cm wide x 100cm high x 90cm deep.

Optional Base Cabinet provides an ideal viewing height along with the benefit of a convenient combination of storage. Comprising of: open shelf, drawer and double-door cabinet. Outer dimensions; 120cm wide x 96cm high x 91cm deep.

Relamp Kits:

For replacement tube sets see, Color Viewing Light – Replacement Tube Sets.