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EIZO ColorEdge CG2420 24in IPS Monitor

by Eizo


EIZO is the Japanese word for "image". EIZO have innovated, developed and produced high-end monitors for more than 50 years. Our experts have 30+ years of knowledge in colour accuracy and a close relationship with EIZO, who provide a five year warranty and exceptional after care.

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EIZO ColorEdge CG2420 Monitor

This professional-level model is for use in photography, design, and post production. It features a built-in self calibration sensor for easy monitor calibraton, vivid colours reproduced to industry standards, and high contrast for producing true blacks.

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Built-In Sensor to Automate Your Workflow

Automate your calibration with the built-in sensor. It swings onto the screen only when calibrating, eliminating the need for a separate calibration device.


ColorNavigator 7 Color Management Software

To ensure your monitor remains accurate the ColorNavigator 7 software allows you to easily calibrate. Simply select the desired preset or assign your own. The built-in sensor directly utilises the monitor's LUT and creates an ICC profile.


See How Other Devices Display Colour with Media Emulation

CN 7 emulates the colour characteristics of other media devices such as tablets, notebook PCs, etc. With a spectrophotometer, CN 7 reads the emulated device's colour patches as they appear in the web browser and creates an ICC profile. By using this profile with the CG2420, content creators can see how their clients view colour on their devices.

Features for Creative Work

Vivid Colours Reproduced to Industry Standards

colour reproduction area

The wide colour gamut of the CG2420 reproduces almost the entire Adobe RGB colour space so images shot in Adobe RGB will be displayed correctly in a way that monitors limited to an sRGB colour space cannot. The CG2420 also ensures reproduction of almost the entire ISO-coated and US web-coated CMYK colour spaces used in printing.

10-bit Simultaneous Display

Using the DisplayPort or HDMI inputs, the CG2420 offers 10-bit simultaneous display from a 16-bit LUT which means it can show more than one billion colours simultaneously. This is 64 times more colours than you get with 8-bit display, resulting in smooth colour gradations and reduced Delta-E between two adjacent colours.

Adjusted at the Factory for Smooth Colour Gradations

The CG2420 is equipped with EIZO's patented digital uniformity equaliser technology to ensure a Delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen.

Uniformity from Corner to Corner

Fluctuations in brightness and chromaticity on different parts of the screen are a common trait of LCD monitors. To counteract this, the ColorEdge CG2420 is equipped with EIZO's patented digital uniformity equaliser (DUE) technology to ensure a Delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen. DUE also counterbalances the influences that a fluctuating temperature may have on colour temperature and brightness for stable image display.


Feature for Video Editing and Post Production

True Black Display

In compliance with the DCI standard, the CG2420 offers a high contrast ratio of 1500:1 for producing true blacks that are otherwise difficult to display on a typical LCD monitor. The CG2420 is equipped with a film to counterbalance the display characteristics of LCD backlights, which can appear washed out on other screens.


Sleek, User-Friendly Design

Features for Comfort and Ease-of-Use

Minimised Reflections with Non-Glare Panel

The monitor’s IPS non-glare panel uses dimming technology to minimise flicker and help prevent eye fatigue for a more comfortable working environment.

ip conversion

I/P Conversion for Flicker-Free Display

The HDMI input of the CG2420 supports I/P (interlace/progressive) conversion for converting the interlace signals from TV and video into progressive signals for flicker-free display.

Shading Hood

The CG2420 comes bundled with a shading hood that effectively prevents glare on the monitor's screen caused by ambient lighting. The CG2420's shading hood attaches to the monitor magnetically. This allows the users to attach the hood easily without needing to connect separate parts.

Ergonomic Stand for Comfort and Convenience

Adjust the screen to the most comfortable position to show your work to a colleague or client. The monitor comes with a versatile stand that offers height, tilt, and swivel adjustments as well as portrait display.


Multiple Inputs

DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D inputs are included and support various types of graphics boards. The HDMI input also offers direct connection with digital cameras. Two USB upstream ports allow two computers to be connected at once so it is not necessary to reconnect the USB cable when using the ColorNavigator software and switching between computers.


Commitment to Quality

5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

5 Year Warranty

ColorEdge come with a manufacturer's 5-year warranty. *. EIZO manufactures its products at its own factories to allow control over quality and ensure each monitor is built to last.

*Usage time is limited to 30,000 hours.

Zero Bright Pixels

Zero bright policy

EIZO guarantees its ColorEdge monitors will be free from bright sub-pixels for six months from the date of purchase.

Brightness and Colour Warranty

The brightness and colour of the ColorEdge CG2420 is warranted for up to 10,000 hours* from the date of purchase. Monitor must be used within the recommended brightness of 120 cd/m2 or less and the colour temperature between 5000 - 6500 K.


Screen Size (inches / cm):24 / 61
Native Resolution m):1920 x 1200
Gamut % (Adobe RGB / DCI-P3):99% / 98%
Self Calibrating:Yes
Contrast Ratio:1500:1
Midtone Response time (ms):10 (Grey to Grey)
Max. Brightness (cd/m2) / Backlight:400 / Wide Gamut LED
Aspect Ratio:16:10
Bit Depth:10 bit
Inputs:DisplayPort (HDCP 1.3), HDMI (Deep Color, HDCP 1.4), DVI-D (HDCP 1.4)

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