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Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

Colour Control for Photo from Capture to Edit

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 offers precise and consistent colour for photographers. Combining four targets in a pocket-size case, it ensures professional-quality colour control. With Camera Calibration software and compatibility with Lightroom, Photoshop, CaptureOne, or Canon DPP, it's the ultimate tool for a perfect colour journey.

The pocket-sized Passport Photo 2 (125 x 90mm) is versatile and portable, ready for any photographic situation.


  • Grey Balance Target: Set exposure with in-camera or handheld meter.
  • White Balance Target: Create custom in-camera white balance for consistent white point.
  • Classic Target: 24-patch colour reference for custom camera profiles and visual colour assessments.
  • Creative Enhancement Target: Neutralise, create looks, evaluate shadow details, and control colour shifts.
  • Camera Calibration Software: Create custom camera profiles for DNG and ICC workflows.

Lightroom Plug-In: Create custom camera profiles directly in Adobe Lightroom.

Portable Protective Case: Adjusts for multiple positions, ensuring the target(s) fit into any scene.

3rd Party Software Support: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Hasselblad Phocus, Black Magic DaVinci Resolve, 3D LUT Creator, DxO Photolab 4.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 ensures accurate colour capture, from input to output, making it an essential tool for a colour-managed workflow.

Grey Balance Target: 18% grey for consistent image exposure and colour in film and photography. Ideal for setting proper camera exposure, checking lighting ratios, and custom neutral balancing.

White Balance Target: Ensures accurate colour capture, eliminating colour casts, improving colour preview, and speeding up post-production.

Why can’t I use just any white object?

White balancing with a piece of paper or other grey element in the scene may seem like a simple workaround, but most objects are not actually neutral under all lighting conditions; and they’re certainly not consistent.

An inaccurate white balance results in colour casts and a lack of consistency as lighting conditions change. This can slow down your post-processing as you attempt to fix the resulting colour casts.

Classic Target: Industry-standard ColorChecker Classic for consistent, predictable colour at capture. Supported by third-party software for custom DNG and/or ICC profiles.

Creative Enhancement Target: Adds colour creativity with warming, cooling, and clipping patches. Enables easy and repeatable edits.

Camera Calibration Software: Creates custom DNG and/or ICC profiles, minimising colour differences between cameras and lenses, adapting to mixed lighting.

Dual-Illuminant DNG Profiles: Combines images under two light sources for a single profile, suitable for various lighting conditions.

Passport Case: Designed for convenience and portability, protecting targets and offering flexibility in placement.

Vendor: Calibrite

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