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Top 10 travel photography tips for stunning images this summer

Top 10 travel photography tips for stunning images this summer

With the summer months already upon us, it's the perfect opportunity for photographers to pack up their camera gear and head off around the globe to capture those perfect travel shots.

When it comes to travel photography, making the most out of your images is crucial; depending on the location, the opportunity to recreate or recapture those images may be small, which is why we've compiled our top 10 travel photography tips for the summer months to ensure you get the most out of your images.

1. Travel light

Try to limit the amount of equipment you take. Big, heavy equipment is hard to travel with (especially in hot climates) and may cause you to tire out quickly. When shooting people in remote locations and small towns, small unobtrusive cameras work best and allow you to capture natural images.

2. Plan your visit

In order to get the maximum quality of light, plan your visit in advance taking into consideration the golden hour. There are plenty of apps available such as Helios that will tell you the golden hour and blue hour for various locations around the world.

3. Avoid night-time city shots

© Peter Lovelock

When taking night-time cityscape shots, don't actually shoot at night! Wait until the daylight level is very low and there is detail in the sky, and then any lights will illuminate the subject. 

4. Shoot RAW + JPEG

If your camera allows, shoot RAW to develop back home and JPEG to share your travel shots with friends and family.

5. Check your background

© Charles Chessler

Before taking your shot, check the background for problematic objects such as lamposts, edges of buildings, trees etc. Sometimes the smallest details can be the difference between an average and a professional shot.

6. Prepare for weather changes

© Del & Jay Jay

Whether you're travelling to Scotland or Mexico it's important to take into consideration the changing weather patterns. We recommend carrying a small plastic bag (hopefully a degradable one) so that you can quickly cover your equipment, especially when transitioning from air-conditioned buildings to hot, humid climates as condensation will form on lenses. 

7. Use a wider shot

To ensure that you capture every precious detail, consider using a wider shot than normal to give your image some context. 

8. Head to festivals and markets

Festivals and markets make great subjects, especially fish markets and flower markets. If you're looking to highlight the true culture of the country you're visiting, local festivals offer a great opportunity to capture images of local interest. 

9. Avoid harsh sunlight

© Fabian Pourmand

Do not take people in full sunlight- they won’t be able to see very well and the quality of your images will suffer.

10. Get up early

If you’re travelling with non-photographers, consider getting up early to spend a bit longer at a location with good lighting.

Off on your travels this summer? Then we’d love to see your shots! Be sure to tag us in your photos @colorconfidence and we’ll share our favourites.

 Happy travelling!

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