CUBE Colour Capturing Tool

CUBE - Portable Color Digitizer from Palette on Vimeo.

Cube is a portable, colour capturing tool. With a single tap, Cube removes the guess-work from colour matching, and makes it easy to save, work with and communicate the colours that surround you. An essential creative companion, Cube turns a fleeting moment of inspiration into the beginning of your next project!

Pair Cube with smartphones to display colour values in a number of formats, including RGB, CMYK, HEX, Lab and LRV. On computers, via USB, record colours directly onto Photoshop. Match to Pantone, and your other Adobe colour libraries.

Simple. Practical. Creative.

A world of colour, captured by you.

Getting Started on Smartphones

  1. Download the Cube Companion App.
    Search for "Cube Companion App” in your app store.
  2. Launch the app
    Swipe through the setup sequence.
  3. Discover colour
    Place Cube on a colour, tap the action button and the colour is yours!
  4. Use and Match Colour
    Exact colour values will pop up on your screen. Name them, tap them, or swipe them left to discover the various colour spaces and libraries you can match directly to.
  5. Enter your colour values manually, email the swatch combined with colour values direct from your smartphone or alternatively connect to a desktop via USB.

Getting Started on Desktops

  1. Download the Cube Link App
  2. Connect and Launch the app
    Connect Cube with USB and launch Cube Link App.
  3. Calibrate Cube
    Click Calibrate Cube and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Link to Colour
    Click "Link to Photoshop.”
  5. Capture Colour
    Tap Cube and watch colour appear in Colour Picker and Swatch Library.
  6. Match and Work with Colour
    Double click to match with Pantone, TruMatch, and all other Adobe Photoshop spot colour libraries.

Technical Cube Details

  • Highly accurate: We understand how important it is to get it right, the first time. Cube uses a controlled light sequence through an aperture to identify and capture the colour you want.
  • Seamless Pairing: Bluetooth connection as it should be: no settings menus, no confusing pairing rituals. Just open the Cube Companion app and turn Cube on. Clear, stable, simple.
  • Colour, the way you want it: Cube can output colours in RGB, CMYK, HEX, LAB, and LRV colour spaces, with support for multiple colour profiles as well. You’re in (colour) control.

*Note: Paint matching is not supported in Australia and New Zealand

What Can and Can’t I Capture?

✓ Plastic
✓ Wood
✓ Paper (matte and glossy)
✓ Cardboard
✓ Concrete and plaster
✓ Painted surfaces (matte and glossy)
✓ Fabric (except loosely woven fabrics, such as wool)
✓ Powders (such as ground coffee)
✓ Organic items (such as leaves, bark, and even skin!)

Cube uses an internal light source and detector to read colour. Cube still reads them, but as a guide, these are some of the surfaces which won't be captured with as much accuracy:

  • Transparent objects (such as glass or clear plastic)
  • Liquids
  • Loose fabric (such as wool)
  • Metallic surfaces (such as car paint or jewelry)
  • Fluorescent surfaces (such as sticky notes)

About Palette

We create tools for creators.

Starting as a Kickstarter project, Cube — our innovative colour-capturing tool — wouldn’t exist as it
does today without our global backers. Together, we believe in changing the way people interact
with inspiration, and strive to extend the creative in all of us.

Share Your Creativity!

Whether you’re out and about or in the studio — connect with us! Join the Cube Creative
Community by sharing your projects and real-world sources of inspiration. We’d love to chat colour
and see what you’ve been up to!

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