The NCS Block arranges all 1950 NCS Original colours into 'colour areas' which make the accurate selection and specification of colour as easy as it possibly can be.

The NCS Blocks fit comfortably into the hand and ‘fan out’ allowing you to choose specific colours which can then be isolated for edge-to-edge comparisons.

The NCS Block set is arranged by hue, offering one for red, one for red-blue, one for blue and so on.

The NCS Block set is arranged by nuance, has one block for colours with 10% blackness, one for 20% blackness and in ongoing increments.

The NCS Block offers numerous benefits, including:
  • All 1950 NCS Original colours arranged in blocks
  • Ideal for edge-to-edge comparisons
  • A block set arranged by hue for easy reference
  • A block set arranged by nuance in 10% increments of blackness
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