Tether Tools Rock Solid Master Side Arm

£41.80 incl. VAT

Rock Solid Master Side Arm

Key Features:

  • Dual side-by-side mounting options for your gear
  • Multi-directional mounting points for different orientations and length options
  • Easily holds strobes, laptops, and gear up to 18lbs (8.2kg)
  • Solid metal construction

The Rock Solid Master Side Arm is designed to securely mount a Tether Table Aero, lights, cameras, and other gear. The Master Side Arm features two 5/8″ (16mm) dual baby receptors, and two anti-rotation, multi-hex studs that pair perfectly with the Rock Solid Master Clamp to position gear in various spaces and angles.

The Rock Solid Master Side Arm is ideal for mounting a Tether Tools Tether Table, AeroTab, or X Lock iPad Connect mount, which all feature a 5/8″ Baby receptor. The Arm can also be combined with an existing clamp to extend reach for various mounting needs. The Rock Solid Master Side Arm features an all-metal construction, multi-directional mounting points, an 18lbs (8.2kg) weight capacity.