X-Rite OBC Kit

Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) are used in many paper mills and premium inkjet paper manufacturers to make a yellowish paper appear whiter and brighter. Until recently, colour management technologies have not been able to deal with the colour variations these OBAs cause in custom ICC output profiles – a problem for users in colour-critical proofing and printing environments.

X-Rite’s Optical Brightening Compensation (OBC) solution helps compensate for these colour shifts, so the colour you measure with your colour management device is the same colour you see in a viewing booth. It is designed for use with X-Rite’s i1iSis family of automatic spectral chart readers in conjunction with i1 Publish Software.

X-Rite's OBC solution is included with every i1iSis 2 device. If your device was purchased before August 2008, the OBC Module is available as a separate purchase.

X-Rite OBC Kit Features:

  • Compensates for colour shifts caused by the Optical Brightening Agents used in many paper mills and paper manufacturers
  • Designed for use with X-Rite's i1iSis or i1iSis 2 family of automatic spectral chart readers and i1Publish profiling software
  • Currently included with every i1iSis 2 device, and available for purchase for older i1iSis devices.


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