X-Rite iCPlate 2 X

The X-Rite iCPlate 2 X boasts professional levels of plate reading accuracy in compliance with the FOGRA Measuring Bar (FMB) and offers high camera resolution, automatic calibration and dot measurement accuracy.

The X-Rite iCPlate 2 X is ideal for users who occasionally troubleshoot their plates and it also helps to diagnose problems and measures Dot area.

The X-Rite iCPlate2 X offers a superior, built-in object recognition algorithm which eliminates dust and scratches as it reads your plates. The high resolution camera system measures a wide variety of plate types both positive and negative, including AM, FM and hybrid screens.

The X-Rite iCPlate2 X can also be upgraded at any time to the iCPlate2 XT which offers an alternative configuration and additional functionality, by purchasing a simple key code.
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