X-Rite DensiEye 100

The X-Rite DensiEye 100, offers the quick, accurate and easy way to measure colour density and provides direct visual access to the most commonly used functions and readings without even pressing a key!

The X-Rite DensiEye 100, presents a clear Pass/Fail Indicator (PFI) provides quick, automated results and lets users move on to the next measurement without even needing to check the display unless the PFI alarm flashes.

The X-Rite DensiEye 100 is equipped with LED technology for low power consumption and is capable of up to 500,000 measurements per AA battery set, meaning less maintenance and fewer battery replacements.

The X-Rite DensiEye 100 boasts numerous functions and features, including:

  • Quickly, easily and accurately measure colour density
  • Fully automated readings
  • Clear pass fail indicator
  • Communicates easily with any PC through the USB port
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